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Welcome to PalmVilla - Maldives

We offer you a new type of vacation on the Maldive Islands which gives you a chance to combine typical "beach holidays" with opportunities to mix and mingle with the local community.

Diving, snorkeling, sunbathing go hand-in-hand with fishing trips, shopping in Malé, visiting local markets - and creating culinary delights.

The warm climate seems to rub off on the people, who are smiling and friendly.

Your senses will be enticed by the sun and the sea, exotic fish, plants, spices and scents. You will feel the warm embrace of this dream-like island world
- and want to be part of it.

In addition to accommodation, we can arrange diverse activities:
Boat trips
Night fishing
Big game fishing
Day trips to uninhabited Thamburudhoo island
BBQ on the beach
Cooking together, an introduction to "global country cuisine"

See you on the Maldives!