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Huvadhumaa Inn

We offer 13 double rooms at the Huvadhumaa Inn - and rooftop dining with a view of the sea and palm trees. The beach is our neighbor!

New Huvadhumaa Inn is located on the island of Hulhumalé, which is an artificial island (2.4 km long and 1 km wide).

Hulhumalé lies only a few kilometers from the main island of Malé and is linked
to the "airport island".

Roughly 10,000 people live here.

The island was officially opened in May, 2004, and people have been building homes and moving here ever since.

Just like Manhattan, Malé is densely populated and people need more space.
The main island features a bustling atmosphere with a hospital, schools, mosques, businesses, restaurants, cafés - and beaches, of course.

The inhabitants of Malé often take day trips to Hulhumalé to barbecue food on the beach.

This is especially true on Friday, which is their day of rest, their "Sunday".

Ferries to Malé depart every 15 minutes. The trip takes roughly 20 minutes and
costs 5 rufiyaa, or just under half a dollar.