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Thamburudhoo - the uninhabited island near Velidhoo!!

Until recently, this pearl of an island wasn't accessible to tourists.
The island is uninhabited in the sense that there are only eight modern bungalows built here that can be rented during the daytime. For special occasions, it's possible to arrange overnight accommodation.

Faiz, who is Habeeb's childhood friend, manages the island's infrastructure. He has hired six young men from Bangladesh to build and maintain the structures, plant vegetables, make food, etc. There is also a flock of chickens on the island that roost in their own house.

There are plenty of crabs on the beach, with eyes on stalks. They scatter when you arrive and aren't very sociable. But they are curious and create beautiful patterns in the sand.

I got some of the Bangladeshis to catch a bucket full - and together we made the most wonderful crab soup. Of course, it also contained coconut. If we have an opportunity, we light up a barbecue grill.

Hundreds of coconut trees sway under the sun and in the wind. Together with the turquoise water, coral reefs and colorful fish, they have stood as silent sentries here for many, many years.

We, who come as guests, jump and roll in the sand out of sheer joy and astonishment.

We can arrange tours to this island. It takes 10 minutes to travel to Velidhoo by speedboat. Please don't hesitate to ask us for further information.