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Guesthouse Palm Villa on Velidhoo island has 6 new double rooms in a quiet setting approximately 100 m from the beach. There is a restaurant and reception area, and a luscious garden. Every room has a different color scheme, and features a bathroom with a unique design. All bathrooms are designed to provide a direct view of the open sky.

Velidhoo is the island where Habeeb was born. His family is well represented on the island. A total of roughly 2,500 people live here. It's a very quiet and well-run little community with a school, mosques, hospital, police station, shipyard and quaint little grocery stores. The island has only recently been opened to tourism and we are the first to offer commercial accommodation.

The harbor is relatively large for an island of this size and is occasionally used by the so-called safari boats. They cruise among the island groups and you can book a short or long passage, just as people do in the Mediterranean.

You can reach Velidhoo from Malé, either by boat or seaplane. See: prices

We expect our guests to respect the local customs. Alcohol is not part of this culture and people dress modestly, for example, men wear shorts and women wear shorts and a T-shirts when swimming. In our garden under the palm trees you can sunbathe in swimsuits.

We arrange tours and transport to the adjacent island of Thamburudhoo. This is an "uninhabited" Robinson Crusoe-like island. It takes 10 minutes to reach the island by speedboat. Here you can go snorkeling and women can bathe in bikinis. For further information, please see the section on Thamburudhoo.

Here are more photos of Guesthouse Palm Villa